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Weird Painting Tools You May Never Have Heard Of.

There are some occasions when it’s much easier to use a brush and paint straight from the can, for jobs like applying paint to window trims or to just touch up walls, or if the can is only half full. But, the problem with using this method is the wire handle can be very painful to hold for extended periods of time. In addition to getting in the way when dipping your paint brush into it.

  • A can claw will solve all these problems. This strange looking item snaps on the paint can and is kept in place by the can’s handle. This device has a curved and contoured handle, which will arch above the rim of the can, thus offering a large and comfortable grip that, the manufacturer of this claims, will reduce muscle fatigue, plus any wrist strain. But more importantly, it is much easier to dip your paint brush into the can.
  • Painting around walls and window edges using a paintbrush will take much longer than it would to paint the whole room. Try using a Painter’s Edge; this time saving tool is a syringe that has a 3 inch wide paint pad. Pull on the handle to draw in around 4 ounces of paint, straight from the can into the reservoir handle. Then, simply squeeze the trigger to begin drawing paint into the pad.
  • This can apply approximately 50 linear feet of paint from a full tank. The pad can adjust to 4 different positions, and guide wheels will allow painting to the edges of trims and other such surfaces. Applying paint around window muntins calls for good eyes and an extremely steady hand.
  • Another option is a window brush. This small round and pointed tip brush is specifically made to paint around windows and trims. It has a comfortable and contoured handle that has a soft grip handle, and a rest which protects its bristles once you put it down.

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