Avoid Water Damage in Stucco Paint

What can a Painting Company do for you

Having a nice yard and landscape at home is a great addition to any house; however, these plants need water to survive. However, if the irrigation system at home is not installed properly or is faulty, this can affect seriously your exterior stucco paint at home. If you want to prevent water from shooting on your home and fence walls, accelerating the damage of stucco, then you should set up a proper laid irrigation plan.

Constant water impact on a wall can cause extreme damage to the exterior paint. In the case of stucco, it will break off and the metal will rust. As a professional painting company, we suggest calling as soon as you notice the problem; otherwise, it will be much more expensive and maybe it can’t be repaired, just redone. If the stucco wall is seriously damaged, before applying a new layer of stucco, you should start with a thorough pressure washing to remove any left over, loose materials and give us a clean start.

Of course, most of you are certainly searching a way to avoid this situation, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t have to deal with these issues when you need to call your painting company.
Cover the space between your landscape and your foundation with a 2 or 3 foot space of desert rocks. Make sure you adjust your sprinkling water system in your landscape, so it is watering only the lawn and not your stucco exterior paint. Remember that preventing is always cheaper than fixing!

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