Which Is the Best Way to Refresh Your House’s Exterior?

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Helpful Tips for Your next Exterior Painting Project

An exterior painting job may have many purposes. It aims to protect your walls against the outside elements, extend their longevity, and make your property more appealing. Applying a fresh coat of paint is a time-consuming task that requires knowledge and proper preparation. Here are a few valuable tips, you should keep in mind:

Preparation. Preparing your exterior walls for this procedure is very important. In order to achieve an impeccable result, the surfaces must be clean, dry, and without any excess peeling paint. All the dust and grime must be removed, as well as all the mold, mildew, moss, and chalky residue. All the dents, bumps, holes, and other defects must be fixed before a wall is painted. Also, to make the surfaces smooth, you need to sand them down.

Protection. When applying a new layer of paint on your exterior walls, remember to protect your landscape and plants. All the plants around the house should be covered with nylons or rags.

Tools. Brushes or rollers? That is the big question. The fastest and most effective method is using both a roller and a paintbrush. Different sizes of tools are used by the pros for applying paint over different surfaces as well as the edges. Starting from the top is the key to a successful project.

Choose a paint color. As you can imagine, you can pick the right color and hue among a huge variety of options. Rich palettes of colors are available and offered by all reputable companies. To get a better idea of what colors look good on a house, take a walk and look at the houses in your neighborhood.

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