How Many Different Kinds of House Paint Are There?

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Thinking of Painting Your House and Not Sure Which the Right Paint Is?

Even though there are several different kinds of house paint, nearly all of them come under 2 categories, these are water and oil. Oil based paint is also known as alkyd, while the water-based kind is referred to as acrylic or latex. The main differences are their drying times, finishes, and how easy they are to clean up.

  • Oil-based paint does take much longer to dry than its water-based counterpart, but it does contain additives to speed up the drying time. Oil paints come with a durable more glossier finish and need specialised chemicals to clean up. Water based ones, though, dry fast as their moisture evaporates. Their finish is not as glossy or hard; however, their easy cleanup makes them a much more popular choice. They can be easily cleaned using simple soap and warm.
  • There are also different kinds of primers to go with the aforementioned paint. While primer is not actually thought to be paint, it is a step which is necessary for most painting jobs. Primer comes in oil and water based formulas. So, it is recommended to choose one which goes with the type of paint you will be using.
  • Special house paints range from mold and mildew resistant to anti-condensation. These are usually applied within damp places such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. While these will not totally eradicate mold, mildew or condensation, they can reduce their effects.
  • Another speciality paint is the heat or fire retardant one. Even though it cannot completely stop a fire, either, it is able to stand up to higher temperatures, thus slowing the spread of a fire. It is usually used on radiators or fire surrounds.
  • Other classifications are interior and exterior. Water-based paints are normally used within a house, whilst water based ones are used on the outside of a house, as they are much more durable and is resistant to the elements.

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